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Are you registered as a writer with one of the Performance Rights Organizations?

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ie, ASCAP, BMI, PRS or other similar PRO company name to which you are a member would go in this space.
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Are any of the other authors connected to these works registered to a PRO? ie. ASCAP, BMI, PRS or other similar organizations.
List the name of each author, along with the association and IPI number assigned to them here:

ie 1. Felicia R McCloud - ASCAP - 10001
Add the names of all the authors who wrote lyrics for the songs you want to publish.

Here you are to add the title and list the names of the authors for each song. ie.. 
Song: 1. What About Me - Felicia R McCloud, Lillie A McCloud 
Song 2. My World -Tom Easy, Ron Flow ect...
Did you create the music composition or 'beat' for the works (songs) you want to publish?

Did more then one person create the musical composition(s) or "beat(s)" for the works you want to publish? *

Are the creators of the musical composition(s) or "beat(s)" ( other then yourself) registered with a Performance Rights Organization?

do the other creators have a membership with ASCAP, BMI, PRS or other similar organizations?
Add the the name(s) of the composer(s) other then yourself who wrote all or some of the musical composition or "beat," along with the organization they are affliated with and their associated IPI number.

ie. Felicia McCloud ASACP IPI # 234567
Add the names of the creator(s) of the musical composition or "beat" of the works (songs) you want to publish.

ie.. Song 1. What about me- Music Created By: Felicia R McCloud 
Song 2. My Life- Music Created By: John Snow, Ginno V and Liz Taylor
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#TNM is a Management group. This services offers our attention and management of your publishing, sales, licensing, and royalty payments.
#TNM utilizes Songtrust  for Electronic tracking of your content and how it is used. The percentage cut for this service is 10%. to #TNM management services. 15% Goes to Songtrust Services.  The owner of the content submitted to #TNM will remain the soul owner. The owner of the content submitted will receive 75% of all monies collected by #TNM The New Music Movement Inc. for your specified and delivered content. #TNM is not responsible for managing collection of royalties or management of business for music that was not delivered to #TNM for management.
SEE: Songtrust terms and conditions here:
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